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Eat The Captain Football


Eat the Captain Football is about teaching a "lifestyle" approach to our game. It is focused on teaching kids from the very beginning of their football journey that "Jumping in the Boat" and "Eating the Captain" is not a sometime thing. It is a LIFESTYLE!

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Clarence Holley

Clarence Holley

Coach Holley has over 30 years experience in coaching and has never believed “Because that is how everybody else does it” is a strong enough reason to adopt any defensive system. Actually he thinks just the opposite. This system was created and evolves based on the philosophy that applying unrelenting pressure to opponents with a systematic approach is both unique and exciting! Always aggressive but NEVER reckless!


Coach Holley loves to teach coaches and players to "Eat the Captain" and believes that if you turn players loose they have WAY more fun!

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Welcome to  Eat the Captain Football

Join the network of coaches across the country that are throwing out the old and bringing in a new and exciting approach to playing defense. 

In 2022, ETC schools won multiple State Championships, celebrated numerous District Championships, set records for takeaways, created nightmares for opponents, and HAD A BLAST DOING IT!

Year 3 promises to be the best year yet! The Playbook and Video Library have been updated and improved. New Online Learning Options for coaches and players are ready to go. A new Installation/Coaches Meetings schedule is completed. The website has been updated and their is more winning game experience for people to benefit from.

Upcoming Events

  • ETC Weekly Q&A
    ETC Weekly Q&A
    Sun, Oct 01
    ETC Weekly Q&A
    Oct 01, 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM CDT
    ETC Weekly Q&A
    Oct 01, 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM CDT
    ETC Weekly Q&A


"I've closely observed Coach Holley for nearly 10 years. He is very disciplined, structured, intelligent and he relates to players of all ages. He is also innovative, open-minded and receptive to how the game changes over time. Coach Holley's players are prepared, they understand assignments and they compete in both practices and games. I highly recommend Eat the Captain Football to any coaches and players of any age"    

Oklahoma State University Head Football Coach Mike Gundy: