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EAT THE CAPTAIN Installation Meetings
(Included with Eat the Captain Level Membership)

These are virtual meetings for coaches to completely go through the installation process of the ETC defense. Each meeting is 1 hour and 18-20 meetings is the normal number needed to complete the installation process. The meeting agendas will include:

  • An introductory Kick Off meeting.

  • Video review of opponents.

  • Philosophy and mindset behind “Eat the Captain” defense.

  • SWARM above all else!

  • Playing for “Zero or Less” offensive plays every play.

  • Complete Package taught with how we teach and call everything.

  • Position specific teaching so every position gets details.

  • 5 Day Varsity Defensive Installation Schedule.

  • Practice organization for OUR system (we think that is a little bit of secret sauce, especially with sub-varsity levels).

  • Leveraging tools like HUDL, Zoom, JustPlay, Canvas/Google Classroom, Remind, etc.

  • Meeting Structure (Staff and Players)

  • Game Planning with our system

  • Play Calling for ZOL

  • Game management and sideline organization.

  • Adjustments for youth football and sub-varsity teams.

  • Introduction to all Playbook materials shared electronically including teaching videos.

  • Google Classroom introduction (Distance Learning Class) that has been built for on demand teaching.

  • Using props to support #eatthecaptain (flags, shark heads, decals, wrist bands, shark bite hats, etc.)

  • Play calling exercise repeated at the end.

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