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This is an in-person school for coaches (youth coaches from your district are also invited). There will be group activities and discussion throughout. The agenda will include:

  • An exercise to identify what kind of defensive play caller you are.

  • Discussion regarding the evolution of defense compared to the evolution of offense.

  • Group exercise to discuss defensive practice organization.

  • Philosophy and mindset behind “Eat the Captain” defense.

  • SWARM above all else!

  • Playing for “Zero or Less” offensive plays every play.

  • Complete Package taught with how we teach and call everything.

  • Position specific teaching so every position gets details.

  • 5 Day Varsity Defensive Installation Schedule.

  • Practice organization for OUR system (we think that is a little bit of secret sauce, especially with sub-varsity levels).

  • Leveraging tools like HUDL, Zoom, JustPlay, Canvas/Google Classroom, Remind, etc.

  • Meeting Structure (Staff and Players)

  • Game Planning with our system

  • Play Calling for ZOL

  • Game management and sideline organization.

  • Adjustments for youth football and sub-varsity teams.

  • All Playbook materials shared electronically including teaching videos.

  • Google Classroom (Distance Learning Class) that has been built for on demand teaching.

  • Using props to support #eatthecaptain (flags, shark heads, decals, wrist bands, shark bite hats, etc.)

  • Play calling exercise repeated at the end.