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An in-person (non-padded) camp for players and coaches (the goal being that everyone gets a great understanding of all things Eat the Captain).

  • Opening session focused on #eatthecaptain and TEAM PURSUIT.

  • We will teach fundamentals and implement our Eat the Captain practice structure. This presents an opportunity for kids to learn and for coaches to practice coaching. Basically, we are all one staff.

  • Video sessions between practices.

  • Some cool gear of course.

  • Lunch provided

  • Lots of time to help the young/youth coaches learn how to coach!

  • “Blitz on Barrels Quiz Bowl Competition” for teams. Grand Champion to be named.

  • Eat the Captain Execution Grand Finale

  • ETC Graduation Ceremony

  • The best timing for this would be in late April/early May so that things can be taught prior to spring practice. Players and coaches get a chance to see where they are going.

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