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Welcome to Shark Bites!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Shark Bites is the blog for Eat the Captain Football, where we always focus on developing, maintaining, and loving an ultra aggressive approach to defensive football.

So what is Eat the Captain all about?

Simple assumption: If you never went in the water, you could never get eaten by a shark. Correct...unless you were dealing with Jaws! Jaws changed everybody's thoughts about even going NEAR the water in the 1975 film. Sharks are aggressive but simply swim around in the ocean and attack things in the water. Jaws, on the other hand, was different. Who can forget the scene where Jaws attacks the sheriff, scientist, and captain while they are "safely" on their boat. Here is what Jaws did:

  1. Jaws jumped in the boat!

2. Jaws broke the boat!

3. Jaws sank the boat!

4. Jaws ate the captain!

5. Jaws swam away!

Jaws was next level aggressive and somewhat unconventional compared to his peers. He also displayed a greater passion for winning than other sharks in the ocean!

Our goal and focus will be to share and discuss defensive football with an Eat the Captain mentality. We will not be like the other sharks (aggressive defensive approaches). We will be "jumping in the boat" and "eating the captain" in everything we do.

If you are looking for discussions about run fits from base defenses, pattern match coverages, and rush 3 drop 8 schemes this may not be your best stop.

But if you are wanting consistent discussion about ultra aggressive approaches to playing defense Shark Bites will be JAWESOME for you! After all, why be like all the other sharks? How about being the baddest, scariest shark (defensive coach) in the whole ocean?

Eat the Captain Football is way more of a lifestyle than a system. It is about energy, juice, and passion for teaching defense. It's about coaches and players loving to play and practice defense. It is about expecting to hold the offense to zero yards or less on most every play. It is not simply a package or an occasional pressure.

Thanks for checking out Shark Bites. Please continue to "jump in the boat" #eatthecaptain

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